Friday, January 15, 2010

Easy Cooking Scrambled Egg Recipe

This easy-cooking-for-men scrambled eggs recipe is not only delicious, cheap, and full of protein but if there is just one recipe that any self respecting man should know, it must be this scrambled eggs recipe. If you can't cook this one, i suggest you give up on you culinary exploits, and marry the first girl you can find who knows her way around the kitchen, or learn how to turn on the microwave oven and live on TV dinners and take out from now on.

  • free-range eggs (free range eggs will provide better flavour)
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • ¼ cup milk
  • ¼ cup cream
  • 4 thick slices buttered toast
  • Mixed herbs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • tobasco sauce to taste (optional)

  • Crack the eggs into a medium mixing bowl.
  • Add milk and cream. Do not use too much milk or cream (measure carefully). Too much milk and cream will cause the egg to weep moisture.
  • Use a fork to whisk the egg mixture lightly until the ingredients are just combined. The eggs should be mixed through evenly to ensure a consistent yellow without streaks of egg white.
  • Use a large pan with a heavy base on a low heat, do not cook on heat that is too high, as this will cause the eggs to stick to the pan and become flaky and dry.
  • Heat the butter for approx 1 minute or until the butter begins to foam. Swirl the pan to lightly coat its entire base with the butter.
  • The cooking method although simple is very important to get the right consistency with scrambled eggs. Add the egg mixture to the frying pan, using a wide spatula or egg flip gently push the egg mixture and scrape the spatula along the base of the pan, from one side of the pan to the other. Soft folds of cooked egg will begin to develop.
  • Repeat the pushing action with the spoon every few seconds. Make sure all the egg is circulated including around the pan edge to prevent the egg mixture sticking and become dry. Do not try to stir the eggs as this will make them break up into small clumps. (Don't worry if you don't master this technique first time out, your scrambled eggs recipe will still taste great, they just won't look like a professional chef has cooked them).
  • Cook until about three-quarters of the mixture is cooked, then remove the pan from the heat and use the spatula to gently fold the egg mixture a few time more more. The residual heat in the pan will finish cooking the eggs.
  • Serve the eggs on the toast and serve immediately. Thick homemade toast is best.
  • Serve with fresh cracked salt and / or pepper.

For a scrambled eggs recipe with a bit of zing, add a splash or 2 or tobasco sauce.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast

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